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Introduction Feng-Shui Jiri and Koreans

Introduction Feng-Shui Jiri and Koreans


1. Feng-Shui Jiri that reveals the human nature


Where does the word, "Feng-Shui Ji-Ri", originate from?

First of all, they are Korean characters, and each character has a meaning.
Feng means the wind, and Shui means the water in Korean, and Jiri, which is
composed of two characters, Ji (Land) and Ri (Reason), means, as a whole word,
the natural law of the land.

During the ancient times, both wind and water were two of the most important
factors, when it comes to building a house or a shelter.  It's because
people cannot live with peace of mind in the area where strong winds like the
typhoon regularly blows, or where flood or drought frequents. For the people
to live with peace of mind, a house has to be located where a soft and warm
wind often blows, and where there exists a plenty of clean and potable water.
Therefore, it was natural for people to place the wind and the water as two
more important factors than others, when it comes to choosing a place to live
in. It seems that frequent observation of both wind and water by the people,
when considering the location of a house, made the word, Feng-Shui, develop
into having a deeper and specialized implication, rather than what it literally

On the other hand, there is another theory that "Feng-Shui" is just
a short name for "Jang-Feng-Deuk-Shui, which means, ¡°Blocking of Wind
and Gathering of Water¡±. The essence of Feng-Shui lies in obtaining of ¡°Live
Chi¡±, and the essential conditions for creating ¡°Live Chi¡± are wind and water,
more specifically, ¡°Blocking of wind and gathering of water¡±. Therefore, they
say Feng-Shui is just a short version of 4-letter word. However, because the
4-letter word has a comprehensive meaning, it seems the word appeared after
Feng-Shui Philosophy had developed quite extensively.

Staying aside from these existing theories, according to what this writer
has studied and learned so far, I believe Feng-Shui implies the very essence
of human being. In these days of advanced science, the question, "What
is the intrinsic nature, or essence of human being?¡± will be answered by the
scientist as the combination of various elements, such as proteins, fats and
others, and the doctors will answer that it is the group of various and different
kinds of micro organism. However, these answers would not be sufficient at all
to describe the essence of human being. In general, people think man is made
of earth, and when he dies, the body returns to be a handful of soil, and the
soul goes to the heaven. Also, in some religions, they believe man is made of
earth, water, fire, and wind.

This writer has observed many times the tombs being re-excavated in order
to move them to other places, during my long period of studying Feng-Shui. My
experience says that the man does not become a soil again even long after his
death. If man becomes the soil after his death, then there should be some soil
left inside the casket, but there weren't any left in all the caskets I have
observed. This means that man becomes the wind, not the soil.

In this respect, I believe the essence, or the intrinsic nature of human
being is the wind. When a piece of meat or a fish gets rotten, then it dissipates
and blown away by the wind. And if the metal, such as knife or sickle, gets
rusty, it also eventually dissipates and blown away by the wind. The wind comes
from the sky. Therefore the sky is an eternal source of the wind. According
the Chinese classic, ¡°the Book of Changes¡±, ¡°a man who follows the law of
the sky can live, but one who disobeys the law of the sky will have hard time
surviving.¡±. Because the wind is directly related to the man's life, the sky
means to be the wind, in the aforementioned quotation. An electrical device,
such as radio or TV set, works only when electrical power is supplied. It means
the life sustaining force for electrical devices is the electricity itself.
In same token, man can not go on living, not even for a short while, if air
is not supplied to him.

And, the water is also an essential ingredient for the live being creatures,
just like the wind. Man's body is made of 70% water, and also in the "Book
of Changes", the water is regarded as the most important element among
all the materials. From a long time ago, people have studied the nature of water
and the ways to live following the flow of the water.

In other words, "Feng-Shui Jiri" was born in the process for people
to try to understand the geographical conditions needed to live harmoniously
with the wind and the water in every day living.


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